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Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular: a cognitive teardown of the user experience

Recently clients have asked about the phenomenally successful casual computer game Angry Birds, designed for mobile phones, tablets and other platforms.

Angry Birds - Cognitive Teardown src: http://ow.ly/hHt8Y

Angry Birds – Cognitive Teardown – src: http://ow.ly/hHt8Y

Interesting analysis from Mauro New Media into the popularity of the addictive game Angry Birds.


  • Simple yet engaging interaction concepts: the simple design of Angry Birds creates a low learning barrier to entry, while the game mechanics of unlocking levels and progressive challenges make the game engaging. I would also add novelty. Angry Birds is truly one of a kind game for smartphones. 
  • Cleverly managed response time: Angry Birds instant feedback provides a rich interactive experience. The maneuverability of the slingshot and dynamic sound create an engaging experience that few games master. But the article focuses more on the time delay as the bird fly through the air and whimmer to a slow death.

The bottom line on how Angry Birds manages response time: fast is good, clever is better.

  • Mystery: the element of discoveribility or whats on the next level is other compelling reason Angry Birds is so successful.
  • How things sound: anyone who has played Angry Birds can probably hum the tone, but there is much more subtle yet complex sounds being employed the enhance the user experience

These consistently applied audio elements reinforce the player’s interactions and deepen engagement by emphasizing the anthropomorphic qualities of the main characters of the game and providing clever enhanced feedback during critical on-screen behaviors.


Check out the complete article at: http://www.mauronewmedia.com/blog/why-angry-birds-is-so-successful-a-cognitive-teardown-of-the-user-experience/

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