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Over the past few years of work, research and talking with other UX professionals I have developed a list of UX principles that guide me through a project life-cycle:

  1. provide rapid Feedback so that users don’t get lost or disorientated;
  2. provide Affordances or cues that help the user understand the design;
  3. provide a way for users to return or recover from an erroneous choice or mistake;
  4. be consistent, by using well established conveniences when ever possible;
  5. minimize the chance for user errors by providing error prevention tooltips or other hints that warn of possible pending mistake;
  6. use recognizable images/icons/symbols that simplify design that result quicker understanding;
  7. design interactions for both new users and power users in mind, with flexible designs that accommodate all levels of expertise;
  8. less is better, simple minimalist design are usually the efficient;
  9. provide instant and actionable error messaging for user makes a mistake;
  10. include Help documentation or implicit instructions on interaction is intended to be used.

By far, definitively not the last word on the subject, a good 10 step guide-post that helps me create intuitive, yet innovative, designs that deliver utility and build communities.


By  – The UX Acrobat and

UX Strategist @ Digital Cunzai

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