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The Evolution of Branding: How Brisk Ice Tea taps the Power of Customer Participation, Social Media and Collaboration

Published on February 8, 2012 by in Business

There has been a fundamental shift in the way branding and tradition business principles are practiced. The internet, social media and the increasing power of mobile devices has turned many accepted business approaches on its head. No longer are the Four P’s of marketing (product, place, promote and price) delivering the value it once did. In that older paradigm the customer’s role was to listen and buy. But in today’s customer-centric marketplace, winning companies are using the power of customer participation, social media and mobile to create meaningful relationships.
One brand that understands the shift in business is PepsiCo, the makers of Brisk Ice Tea, (of the “That’s Brisk, Baby!” fame) with its new Brisksaber mobile app for Android and iPhone. For the new release of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D PepsiCo has partnered with Lucasfilm, and developed a new mobile game experience aimed to foster customer engagement and brand awareness with the millions of sci-fi fans of the Star Wars Trilogy.

Check out the video below to preview the app.

The app is promoted by the widely successful Brisk Ice Tea TV ads. Brisk has released some hilarious new commercials for its app, featuring Yoga and other Star Wars characters. Customers are encouraged to buy Brisk Ice Tea to unlock additionally gaming functions. To increase the gaming experience Brisk has also integrated a Facebook page where users be compete and share with each others.
Below is one of the new commercials from Brisk featuring the wise if not lovable Jedi knight Yoda.

Brisk hits all the right touch spots for business in the new customer-centric marketplace by:

  • Driving customer participation through its free mobile Brisksaber app that seamlessly encourages sales of its Brisk Ice Tea to unlock more content. I don’t view this as the usually up-sale strategy of, say a Go Daddy, Verizon or Best Buy; I rather see this as a clever, yet justified, way to drive sales by giving customers something free and meaningful with the promise of added fun with the purchase of a drink that also satisfies their thirst.
  • Integrating customer sharing via social media with its Facebook page, which already has over 1 million followers. More and more customers want to share what they are doing with their friends. By empowering Brisk customers to share their experience with their friends, Brisk can expect to gain quick traction and a wider audience.
  • Offering the Brisk app for free not only persuades customers to collaborate with Brisk, but also raises Brisk’s brand awareness in a new digital platform (mobile gaming). And by successfully bridging its TV ad with a mobile gaming experience Brisk should see brisk (pardon the pun) downloads and increased sales.

So if anyone is looking for a strategy guide for a thriving business in today’s hyper-connected, customer centric marketplace, take a look at Brisk. By successfully integrating customer participation, social media and collaboration Brisk has captured the currency that is driving today’s marketplace.

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