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Samsung and Apple Lead Smartphone Market

Published on August 10, 2012 by in Research

While Apple and Samsung fight it out in court over alleged patent infringement, new data from Business Insider reveals that the smartphone industry is dominated by the two  rivals. That might not be so shocking, instead the rapid decline of mostly every other manufacturer is. Nokia’s drop is by far the most dramatic, followed by Sony and Research in Motion.



As the Apple and Android platforms continue to gain vast market penetration Nokia’s search for an answer has been dismal. The once mighty Finnish brand quickly fell into the doldrums with the raise of the two platforms. However, Nokia is looking to the Windows 8 platform to rejuvenate its image with its Lumia series, rumored to be available in the Fall. But with Apple and Android commanding a whooping 78% share* of the smartphone market Windows 8 and Nokia have a long climb.

With a market value of over $219 billion, according to Bloomberg, the stakes are high for manufactures to gain market acceptance and fan base. With billions of dollars hanging in the balance for of the coming verdict the two market leaders Samsung and Apple looked to be locked in battle for some time.

Will this be an opportunity for other manufacture to gain market traction? Can Window’s 8 new Metro platform and its alliance with Nokia be good enough to grab customers from Apple and Android? Answers to these questions should become clearer towards the end of the year. Until then I’d be listening for a verdict in the Samsung v Apple suit and welcoming a new competitor to the smartphone market -Window 8.


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