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Amid Economic Uncertainty Mobile Continues to Show Spectacular Growth

Published on May 24, 2012 by in Research

As mobile continues to make significance inroads, some fairly recent data confirms the mobile revolution as only just begun. The scale of adaptation going forward only looks to accelerate, leaving many to wonder if then are properly positioned to transition with the rest of the world.

From a UX perspective there is a slew of strategic, usability and design imperatives that need to worked-out. With mobile moving at such a brisk evolutionary pace any best practices that can be agreed upon are quickly out dated. It seems that all most every month a new device is released with new dimensions or UI functionality that breaks the loosely established standards for design and UX.

This has made cross-platform development of digital apps and their associated user experiences severely difficult to get right across each platform. And as we continue down this road I only see things getting worst before then get better. HTML 5 will help, but generally if you high performance and memory requirements naive is the way to go.

As Apple, Android, Amazon with Xbox revving-up and rumors that HP might jump back into the fray, mobile is quickly becoming the primary target for clients, users and agencies.



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Trefis  “Gartner estimates that tablets have registered a growth of over 250% in 2011, and will continue to grow rapidly for the next few years to reach about 370 million unit sales by 2016”

The Future of Mobile  “In a few years, the number of mobile devices will DWARF the number of PCs”

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