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Last Week in UX Today – 22 June 2015

Here are a few articles I found last week that I thought you would find worthwhile:


Where Social Media and SEO Fit in Today’s Content Marketing Mix
Content marketing is one area of specialization that is particularly effective because of its focus on aligning targeted business objectives with customer needs through evolving and multi-channel content objects. This integrated approach is paramount for success as traditional customer journeys fragment over device types, social media and search. Find out how the nexus between Search, Social and Content can be leveraged into your marketing program. Read the article here.


The Shape of Story
Storytelling is an essential skill for any UX designers. Building compelling narratives that are relatable, persuasive and most importantly convey that your design solutions fix a specific client problem will make any UX designers an asset. Christina Wodtke dissects the anatomy of story with the help of new DARPA neuroscience research that can turn anyone into an ace presenter. Read the article here.

Storytelling Video Resource

Your Brain on Story – overview of Kendall Haven’s DARPA funded storytelling research

Worth mentioning Meetups this week: 

24 June – Google I/O Recap  
24 June – Design Thinking Bootcamp (full-day, moving through all 5 Phases)

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