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Last Week in UX Today – 15 June 2015

Here are a few articles I found last week that I thought you’d find worthwhile:

Material Design: Why the Floating Action Button is bad UX design
Although Google’s Material (M) design language has been around for over a year, there are still many people still not familiar with it. Fast Company recently did an article called How Google Finally Got Design, which explains its transition to the current layer-based bold flat M design. Whether you’re a M supporter or just learning about there are a few Floating Action Button (FAB) pitfalls to avoid. The persistent FAB that Material uses can block certain functionality resulting in a bad UX. The becomes more apparent when experiences involve list or galleries. Read the article here.


How Google Finally Got Design
Good read explaining how mobile help transform an engineering-led company like Google focused on utility transition into a design-led company focused on user experience that produced it’s own original design language – Material. If you read between the lines there is also a great case-study how two often competing cultures (engineering and design) melded together to produce something great.  Read the article here.

Design Resource

Google Design a portal of Material articles, resources, events and jobs.


Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands – new video that covers the new digital reflex, micro-moments  the I want to know, go, do, buy moments.

Worth mentioning Meetups this week:

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