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Improving Cablevision’s On Demand Menu Navigation

Published on June 25, 2012 by in Strategy

Cablevision’s On Demand menu navigation is suffering from:

  1. extremely long drill-downs, resulting in several unnecessary keystrokes;
  2. un-prioritized default selections, that increase drill-down;
  3. ambiguous menu selection options, resulting in complicated navigation.

I have put together a PPT, available on Slideshare, that demonstrates the above problems using a scenario of trying to watch a missed episode of Mad Men.

Cablevision’s On Demand Navigation Sys


It takes 24 steps (or keystrokes of the remote) on Cablevision’s current On Demand navigation system to reach the desired result, which is to watch the last episode of Mad Men. With an interactive prototype I demonstrate how the system can be improved by:

Interactive PDF

  1. optimizing navigation structure by reducing drill-downs, which get the user to the desired results quicker;
  2.  prioritize menu defaults, improving both usability and function;
  3. include iconography, which simplifies menu selection and reduces erroneous selections.









The companion PPT walks you through Cablevision’s current On Demand nav system with annotated screen shots, that simulate the exact remote control navigation users must take. I have also included a simple user persona to represent the attitude of the user.

The interactive PDF demonstrates my proposed solutions to the problems outlined above.


Written by  – The UX Acrobat and

UX Strategist @ Digital Cunzai

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